Here are some things you need to know before getting started.

Creating a Collection


Indelible Labs is the first No-Code platform to create On-Chain NFTs.

Our mission is to make on-chain NFT collections easier as well as affordable to create, utilize, and grow while simultaneously educating the public about on-chain technology.

The platform is open for anyone to use. There are premium features in the app that allow you to unlock additional feature to enhance your collection and community. Most of of these premium features are free for Indelible Pro holders.

Benefits of Indelible Pro

  • Custom link for minting site.
  • Off-chain hosting for rending on other platforms (e.g. Twitter).
  • Automatically join allow lists.
  • Zero fee minting. …For the full list of Pro benefits and to learn about whats coming next, head over to


  • 100% ON-CHAIN!
  • Create multiple collections.
  • Select a collection type that suits your preference.
  • Add a charity to donate all or a percentage of minting earnings (powered by The Giving Block).
  • Announce your collection as upcoming.
  • Add your own allow list (to be included with OCK holders).
  • Set individual prices for allow list mint and public mint.
  • Add multiple payable wallets and their percentage for split earnings.
  • Link traits together.
  • 1 of 1s.
  • Minting page.
  • Custom link for minting page.
  • Off-chain hosting for rending on other platforms (e.g. Twitter).
  • Contract owner UI to interact with the most important aspects of your contracts.

and more…


  • Collections: The collections that are created inside of the Indelible Labs platform that are NOT yet deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet.
  • Generative Collection: Creators upload exclusive layers and traits, resulting in unique art that cannot be duplicated.
  • Open Edition Collection: Creators can upload multiple still images/artworks, resulting to an open amount of identical produced image(s).
  • Contracts: The ERC721a Contract that was generated from the collection and deployed to the Ethereum Mainnet.
  • Layers: These are groups of traits (e.g. of layers: Head, Face, Body, Background). A trait from each layer is selected in the minting process to create the final image that is rendered.
  • Traits: These are image files (e.g. of traits: McHat, Pink Nouns, Zombie, Blue). They are stored inside a layer and given a rarity rank which tells the contract how many times each trait within each layer is to be selected.